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Meet Cupid! Cupid is a 14-year-old, Paint pony, gelding. He was our first therapy horse and came to us in May of 2020. Cupid is known for his goofy antics such as carrying around hula hoops and begging for treats. Cupid is known for his extreme bravery in all situations, we joke that a literal bomb could go off next to him and he wouldn't be fazed. Cupid often works with our kiddos who have autism as well as children who have louder tendencies.  



Meet Comet! Comet is a 15-year-old, Halflinger, gelding. Comet was rescued from a kill pen in Pennslyvania where he had lived his life as an Amish workhorse before being sent off to (almost) the slaughterhouse. Comet came to us from Starry Skies Equine Rescue in January of 2021. Comet now enjoys his life in the slow lane preferring to stop and smell the roses frequently. Comet is sweet and is great with our confidence-building exercises.  He loves being showered with love and attention and is kind to even the smallest of creatures (the cat being one of his favorites). 



Meet Pirate! Pirate is a 14-year-old, Shetland pony, gelding. He is our third Therapy Horse and joined us on May 7th of 2023. Pirate's journey before us is a sad one. We found our baby blind and starved in a kill pen in Southern, Michigan. These kill pens take horses of all ages, abilities, and even horses in perfect health. They then ship them out to slaughter in either Canada or Mexico. The slaughtering process for horses is gruesome and inhumane. We couldn't leave this poor guy to that fate so we snagged him to join our family!  Pirate is still learning he is in a safe place and is slowly coming out of his shell. Pirate is sweet and loving.  Pirate will be eventually serving our little kids who are a bit too small for the two larger horses; as well as assisting in our community outreach program!

Pirate is in need of a sponsor! On June 8th, 2023, Pirate was diagnosed with a condition called heaves which is like Asthma in horses. He was given a steroid for Short-term treatment. However, due to a pre-existing conditions, he is going to need an alternative to his steroid. This costly medical care will cost Elevate $5,000 Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring Pirate by sending us an email at We will send a list of sponsorship benefits as well as further information on his treatment plan.



Meet Luna! Luna is a 13 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. Luna is not owned by Elevate but her awesome Mama, Marian, has allowed Luna to assist with Elevate. Luna is a retired police horse and has moved from protecting society to helping children gain confidence in the saddle! We are so excited to have Luna in our program! 

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