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Elevate Mission 

Our mission is to Elevate those with disabilities by giving them a safe space where they can be empowered to grow, shatter barriers to meet their goals, and inspire them to aim high toward their aspirations. Elevate is a 501(c)3 non-profit entity based in the greater Lansing area of Michigan. We provide opportunities for growth and independence by offering a wide range of support and therapy.

Meet Our Staff

Madison Berridge: Founder, CEO, and instructor.

Madison fell in love with horses at the age of two and asked for one every Christmas from then on. At 12, her parents discovered horses were not just a phase and her adventures began with her naughty little pony, Candy.

Madison is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) who graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2019. She spent a summer out in Colorado working at an extreme sports camp for people with Autism as the Ranch assistant where she trained in Equine Assisted Services. It was there that she found her passions collide and decided to carry it back to Michigan. She piloted Elevate in 2020 and filed as a non-profit in 2021. 

Addison: Volunteer 

Addison is one of our amazing volunteers at Elevate! Addison is passionate about both the horses and the kids. We have been lucky to watch Addison grow into a wonderful horsewoman over the past year. 

Addison's favorite part about volunteering at Elevate is that it combines the two things she loves to do the most; work with horses and spend time with kids! She loves seeing the kids grow over time and enjoys making friends with our teen students. Addison also says she loves working with Maddy (Madison) and thinks she is a great role model for her. "It is really cool to watch how she connects with the kids and has already taught me so much"! 

Addison's Favorite Horse at Elevate is Comet because it has been amazing to her, how much he has grown over the time she has known him. She also enjoys his quirky personality and how handsome he is! 

Addison's favorite Holiday is Christmas! 

If Addison could be any animal she would be either a horse or a dolphin because they are both beautiful animals and have strong connections with their herds and pods.  

Laine: Volunteer 

Laine is one of our fabulous volunteers at Elevate. She is sweet and we have gotten to watch her grow into a lovely horsewoman with her own Miniature horse, Rosie, over the past year. 

Laine's favorite part about volunteering with Elevate is working with the kids and knowing that they have a safe space to go to where they can have fun! 

Laine's favorite Elevate horse is Cupid because he is such a sweet, calm horse, and she thinks his backstory is amazing. "He never lets his cancer affect him."

Laine's Favorite Holiday is Christmas! 

If Laine could be any animal she would be a horse because she thinks it is so cool how they can be powerful and strong, but also graceful and pretty. 




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